The losses of the Web3 ecosystem from exploits since the beginning of the year have approached $3 billion

In October, the losses of the Web3 industry as a result of 44 exploits amounted to about $760.2 million. The total damage for the year approached $3 billion, almost twice as much as last year’s figure, PeckShield calculated.

In just a month, 53 protocols were affected in incidents. A significant part of the damage is related to the hacking of the BNB Chain’s BSC Token Hub bridge — $586 million. However, hackers managed to withdraw only about $100 million.

The projects managed to return approximately the same amount as the last one.

Therefore, the real losses amounted to $657.2 million.

The hackers of the Mango Markets DeFi platform left themselves $48 million under an agreement with the protocol community from the withdrawn assets of about $116 million. The hacker who stole about $21 million from the Transit Swap cross-chain exchange left $5.52 million for himself as a reward.

The losses of the Team Finance DeFi project after the withdrawal of $15.8 million worth of assets by an unknown person amounted to only $2.4 million. The hacker returned the remaining funds.

Already in mid-October, Chainalysis experts noted that the month was a record in 2022 for the value of cryptocurrencies stolen by attackers. At that time, the damage from 11 attacks on DeFi protocols reached $718 million.

Recall that in the third quarter, the cumulative losses of the Web3 ecosystem from hacking and fraud amounted to $428.7 million, experts of the Immunefi bounty platform estimated.